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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nuby Glo-Pals Review

 photo 1292013030_zps368d661f.jpg Every kid needs something to cuddle with at night.  I know mine love to have something to cuddle with at night.  So, I started thinking about what I used to cuddle with at night.  I used to have a Glo-worm, remember those?  I loved mine, it was before those star shapes on the wall turtles, and glowing pillows.  I loved that mine was a doll and I could light it up when I needed it, say to go potty?  So, I've been looking for something like a glow worm for my kiddo's to cuddle with at night and I think I found it!
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Nuby's Glo-Pal's:  Nuby has a doll that reminded me of my old Glo-worm.  Only this one was a lot softer.  My kids love that a hug lights up their new buddy.  I love that if they are scared a quick hug can help light up any scary shadows that maybe giving shadows to their rooms and their dreams.  Another great thing about this doll that my old Glo-worm never had was that this one plays soothing music when you hug him and he lights up.  I love this because his song can help me sooth my little one back to sleep quicker on those nights when the nightmares do creep in and your little one awakes needing something to help them get back to sweeter thoughts and dreams.  I give this night time bed bug 40 winks of approval!  You can grab one for your little one by clicking HERE.

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