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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pot O'Gold and Toddler Luck

It's the luck of the toddler!  This craft makes a great center piece or just decoration for the end table and is fun for your little one to make!  Why not turn an old milk jug into a Pot-Of-Gold?
Milk Jug
Black Paint
Tissue Paper
Yellow/Gold Glitter
Baby Food Jar Lids or Milk Jug Lids
Scissors or Xacto-knife
Hot Glue

Start by cutting the top of the milk jug off, but make sure you leave the handle on the jug.  Next, put on the paint shirts!  Set the jug and black paint with a brush in front of your toddlers and tell them to cover it in black!  It's alright if the do the insides as well as long as they have fun!

Set the jug aside to dry.  Now take the milk jug lids or old baby food jar lids and have the kids either dip them well into glue or put the glue directly on the lids.  Coat well with gold/yellow glitter.
Set lids aside to dry.  Fold a sheet off tissue paper in half, then fold it in half again.  Roll the tissue paper loosely then using the hot glue attach it to the lid, repeat attaching each color to the next and to the sides of the milk jug using hot glue until all are attached.
Using hot glue around the edges of the baby food or milk jug lids attach them to the edge of the jug next to the tissue paper. Glue however necessary to attach them to the different angles of the jug.
Allow to dry and then have your toddler place their rainbow captured pot of gold to decorate your home with a little luck of the toddler!  Ask your toddler what their luck will bring and write it down in your Kid's Journal!  Remember the best luck comes from inside you and the opportunities you create for yourself and your kids!

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