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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for a new car, I mean scam?

So, as my facebook followers know, I have been trying to decide on how to buy a new car as my family is getting older and they take up more room.  I sent off on my look for a new/used car and decided to use some of the hints given by you my readers.  As many of you cautioned there are dishonest people out there and it would seem more private listings that have the same story of why the car needs to be sold.  It's amazing how so many people have the exact same problem in life, oddly no access for additional photo's of the car, but a willingness to sell it to you for cheap.
So, I sent emails out on 15 different cars. Some from dealers, some from private listers and both seemed to have their issues.  It would seem that some dealers are posting cars and claiming the sell price (which is low and reasonable) on a car, but when you call the car is sold and they have no other car within 1,500 of that car?  Then you go back to look at listings and behold a brand new listing that same day of that same, "sold" car.  Basically, it would seem that dealers are baiting.  They are hanging a car out they know people will want to see and/or buy, then they try to toss other cars at you once you are there which are more expensive then the "bait" car.  If this isn't annoying enough, there seems to be a new scam for private listings.

I literally received no less then 3 emails back from private sellers who all claimed to be selling their vehicle because they "lost" a child.  Some go into details saying it was a drunk and they were in a friend/girlfriend's car and they just can't look at the car any longer, other just stop at saying they lost a child and need to sell the car.  Either way, when you ask for more details or photo's they tell you the car is in a warehouse now waiting to be shipped, because they put everything in storage to sell.  One claimed to have sent me pictures, then became combative when I asked for further details.  All ignored my request to meet up for a test drive and any more specifically detail oriented questions.  So, I've been reporting to online fraud and whatever medium the listings were on about scams most of the day instead of getting information about cars actually still for sale.

Then their is the old favorite, I'm not living near you, but will ship it to you free and I ship out over seas in the military in 2 weeks.  While things like this happen, rarely do they ship it for free.

A few emails did come back from real sellers who had sold the car already.  So, there are actually people selling out there, but it would seem that majority are someone trying to get something over on someone.

SO, what are your car buying tips?

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