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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flower Crown

No matter the time of year a crown of flowers fits any head!  Instead of paying a ton for a real one made by someone else, why not make one of your own keeping them busy with a craft and keeping them cute with a flower crown to wear!  Here is what you do: 

Start by gathering your supplies:
Tissue Paper, Tape, Ribbon, and some pipe cleaners.  Cut the Tissue Paper into circles, you can cut designs into the edges if you wish.  Cut the pipe cleaners in half, roll down the top and cover in tissue paper so just the tip is covered.

Poke a hole in the center of the tissue circles.  With about 6-8 of your tissue paper circles thread them onto the pipe cleaner.

Roll down the pipe cleaner in the middle of the tissue papers and tape.  Now grab and squeeze upward.  

You can make as many as you want!

You can either stop here and cover a toilet paper roll in some sort of paper or stickers and have a nice bouquet or go own to make a crown.

Start by making an X's with the flowers.

Now twist the ends around and around each other until they become one.  Space as desired.

Keep adding and twisting the flowers together.  In between the front two add a flower only twist it's end around and around with the remainder heading the opposite direction.

Add a flower alternating sides.  Until you have as many as you wish.  Measure for size on your child's head and twist the two ends together to fit.

Now, wrap ribbon around the showing pipe-cleaner.

At the bottom, if you desire tie on scraps of ribbon for the tail of your flower crown.

Put on your child and have them model their fun flower crown!
Side View

Back View

Front View!  Remember you can add as many flowers as you wish!

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  1. I used to make tissue paper flowers for my crafts in high school. This is a great idea! I love the photos.


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