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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emz Baby Bowz Review

 I don't know about you, or honest where they come from most of the time, but my daughter has a ton of things for her hair.  She has more than I do and she is only 3!  So, where in the world do you put them all?  She loves to put them in at random so it has to be someplace where I can easily put them back and she can easily take them down for her hair.  Thus, we introduce my latest review: 
Mommy Moments with Abby's Emz Baby Bowz Review:  So, I recently partnered up with some amazing mom's who also own business's and we put together a giveaway ending on March 15th, click HERE for giveaway. One of those mom's owns a shop called Emz Baby Bowz.  She makes great products for those little girls who have hair bow fetishes like my little girl does.  Check out the one's I got from her shop.  

The top photo is of the bow organizer.  This is my favorite because it gave me an answer to my storage issue.  It just hangs on my daughters wall and has all her barrettes and bows loaded up.  This way she can take them off and as she changes her mind during the day I can reload it.  Quick and easy, plus it is adorable!  Made in Gamecock colors, my daughter is her fathers daughter and a huge South Carolina Gamecock fan, it hangs proudly in her room.  The flower at the top of the one in the picture is also an adorable hair clip made by Emz Baby Bowz as well as the bow clipped on.  As you can see, we are getting ready for Gamecock's Sporting season!   

The blue bow looks great with my daughters blue jean colored eyes, it is perfect for the spring and summer months we have coming up and my favorite color.  I just love seeing this color on my little girl, so a headband was a total must, plus a lot easier for my daughter to put in on her own when my hands are full with babies.  I absolutely love the one of kind feel to the handmade bows, plus being able to pick your colors is perfect for whatever your outfit, or team, requires!  

Check out Emz Baby Bowz at:

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