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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post-Op Follow up

I went for my follow up and found I had popped a suture meaning more weeks of discomfort for me.  I am healing well however and still can't sleep on the shoulder.  I do wonder at times why the body does what it does in pregnancy.  Why did mine start to consolidate fat in one location.  Why did it continue to grow after the pregnancies ended?  Why did it attach to the muscle? Why are so many pregnancies so different?
I don't have the answers for you.  We are all just different, our bodies are shaped different, we are different colors, and we grow at different rates sometimes.  What I do know is that Lipoma's can happen due to pregnancy and many times nothing is done about them unless you ask for something to be done, they impede mobility, or their is reason to suspect they have turned cancerous.  Speaking of that we just found out mine is Benign!  Yeah, so my body just did something odd while pregnant and it's healing now.

I have two beautiful babies and an amazing story of my recovery now because of it.  While it isn't something I hope ever happens again, sometimes the most annoying odd pregnancy occurrances can bring about some interesting changes to your life and veiw of things.  If you do have a Lipoma, get it checked and get two opinions, plus on of a surgeon.  This way you have all the knowledge you can to make your choice.

I'm still in recovery, but the pain will soon be gone and all of this will be nothing but a blog post and a memory in my life.  What are the odd things you were left with from your pregnancies? Here is a shot of my suture site.

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