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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sugar and Spice, You Add the Nice!

The last spicy tid-bit that I threw in the sexy bag was the most obvious.  It was there in the request the whole time!  Spices!  What else can spice up life than some good spices right!  So, letting my taste buds lead me, and inspiration stemming from an NCIS rerun reference to something called Honey Dust.  I put together my own naughty night taster kit.

I took three plastic jars, things can drop and I don’t think anyone finds glass shards sexy.  I used the same duct tape that I used on the duster and created labels so people would know what is in each jar.  

I painted on the lids the names as well for a little bit of flare!  

Then, pick your taste treats! 

I used, Sugar, Cinnamon (spice), and sprinkles.  On the Jar’s I labeled them Sugar, Spice, You add the nice for a little tongue in cheek sassiness.  Pick whatever you think the couple would enjoy or use wherever they cookJ.  Some suggestions besides what I used are: Honey, Powdered sugar, brown sugar, chocolate sauce, a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  Make up your own creative label as well!  Note: if you put a liquid in one jar include a small paint brush for application. 

These three things will definitely get a few good laughs/jeers at the shower and the personal touches are always something people love!  Now that I’ve ventured on the wild side, I will go back to my normal posting on Kid’s crafts.  While doing these crafts, was fun and a creative challenge, I feel a lot better putting together the kid’s things, that said, I may still venture to the wild side now and again and make a garter or two for the Etsy store?  Or if another need for a sexy creation comes-a-calling, maybe we will have another wild streak of postings, one can really never tell! J

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