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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Garter Fun!

The second piece of sexy that I decided to create stemmed off of the duster which reminded me of a sexy maid costume.   I pulled out the movie “Clue” for inspiration. Whatever her name was came on screen and I realized that every sexy anything you see, maid, lingerie, etc, have a garter!  Let me see, I have scraps of fabric, bows, elastic, and thread in my craft supplies!  Oh, joy I can do this too! 

Now, I hate sewing so this was not my favorite to make, but it turned out super cute!

Decorator something (I used a pink bow and feathers)
Fabric longer then the needed elastic

Start by deciding how large it needs to be, I based this off how big the person in relation to myself.  You want it to be snug, but not tight.  Measure your elastic by removing about one and a half inches in the diameter for a snug but not tight garter, this means do not pull the elastic when measuring just subtract, 1.5 inches from your length.  

Now take your fabric and add 2 inches to the length, this will make it ruffled.  Decide which sides of the fabric you want showing.  I used a large satin ribbon that was 2 inches thick, my elastic was ¾ inches thick so I was able to only have to sew one side instead of the normal two sides.  Keep as close to the end as you can when sewing.

Once you’ve sewn the fabric together we want to get the seams on the inside.  Tape one end of the fabric to a straw or chopstick thinner than the whole in the fabric.  Use this “stick” to pull/push the fabric threw itself.  Now using the same stick tape the elastic to one end and thread the elastic thread the fabric being careful not to twist the elastic.  Sew the end of the elastic together.  Now push one end of fabric about 3 cm into to other end of fabric and sew it straight down getting to as close to the merged elastic section as possible. 

This can either be where you place your decorative pieces or the back of you garter.  I attached each feather separately at this place then positioned the bow the way I wanted and stitched that on.  One you’ve placed any decorations you want you are done! You can now add a garter to your spicy little gift!

If you don't have time to make one of your own check out the one's I have for sale up at my etsy shop!  Order or make yours today!

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