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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold Season is Here! Time to find ways to save on our medications!

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cold season is here and when you run a daycare it means you will be hunting for ways to save on the meds you'll undoubtable need this season!  I am a Lysol and disinfectant wipe fanatic, but kids don't always keep their germs to surfaces I can clean or disinfect.  Unfortunately, this means that no matter what I do I will undoubtable need to have to take my kids to the doctor for antibiotics or a variety of other meds.  It all adds up!  

Thankfully my pharmacy is Walgreens and they have a new Walgreens Prescription Savings Club!  For $35 a year for my family, including the fur babies, we can receive discounts on our meds.  It ends up in a total savings since I have 3 dogs and one has valley fever, plus any mommy or kid meds.  They offer a list of included meds online you can check to see if yours are included in the plan or if you are able to ask your doctor to switch you to having.  Not only does it include meds for my pets, but I noticed it also includes nebulizer (I'm asthmatic) and diabetic supplies.  If you are diabetic and we have some extended family that is, saving money on your supplies is definitely worth the $35 dollars for the family package or the $20 individual packages!  

I naturally had the first reaction of, well what else can it save me, because I'm a miser when it comes to money.  I found that it also gives you bonus's on some Walgreens' brand products and photo services.  Talk about a bonus, it saves me on all our prescriptions, plus it saves me again on other products!  I think I will go ahead and like you right now Walgreens on Facebook and follow you Walgreens on Twitter to show my appreciation and keep track of what you come up with next!

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