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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Rant, because it's my blog

Can someone explain why others don't seem to know how to use a car?  I recently went to Circus Vargas (review to come later) and when I left someone decided to block me in!  Let me lay it out for you.  It was set up in the Mall parking lot, so naturally the spaces are all angled and you drive up one and down the other.  Seems easy right?  Apparently not!  For some reason some jerk decided to pull in straight meaning they blocked half of my spot!  Awesome!  So, I did what I could and back up as close as I could to the car using my mirrors to make sure I didn't hit the car.  This is where it gets even better.  Now the car blocking me in is a beater.  As I put on the brake, suddenly their is a man outside my window.....

Startled, I crack my window.  Their is a strange man outside my window at the circus, rolling it all the way down seemed like a horrible idea.  He said, I think you're going to hit that car?  Really, I realize a woman driving is a startling thing to see these days, but come on.  So, trying to maintain my manners I say, are you sure? and I get out of my car and we look, yep I was right I was about a hand width away from the car blocking me in.  He was like you almost hit that, I responded well they are blocking me in and I am having to "wiggle" my way out by pulling back and forth.  His response was classic male pig- Well, I could get out.  I responded to him, well you can either help me get out or go back to your car.  He helped me do what I had started to do in the first place and to be honest I didn't really pay him any mind other than, now I have to watch out for a car parked half in my spot and some jerk standing behind my car.  I finally got out and he walked up to my window, OK now what.  Then he goes, yeah I could have gotten out, and I said well I got out just fine.  He than tells me he saw me hit the car, I responded what are you talking about we both looked and I didn't hit the car and you "guided" me out, I then told him to go back to his delusional Lexus world and drove off.  First of all, why block someone in like that? Second, why come over as someone is backing out, check with them and see they didn't see anything, than insult me like I'm a dumb woman who can't back up, then change you mind and suddenly the other car was hit? Did someone do something to shrink your, um mm searching for a less horrible thing to say, self-esteem and you saw a mother alone at a circus and said easy target to try to boost myself up?  Look, if I hit someone I'm that person that would wait and let them know and exchange information even if their wasn't damage after taking pictures of everything.  Plus, considering how blocked in I was, damage would have occurred, plus the cars would have had to touch!!!!
So, again, can someone tell me what is wrong with people and why so many of them are allowed to have a car?


  1. Next time, leave a note on the windshield of errant car stating " your car's brakes are malfunctioning, and has caused your car to drift from the parking space. Thus, I let the air our of the tires to prevent further drifting and damage to car(s)". Signed, anonymous. And take a picture showing the arrant car.

  2. @ hazelbear- I should have done that! Would have been a great way to teach someone a lesson, the lines are diagonal for a reason, it's not a suggestion!


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