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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dusting out the cob webs?!!!!!

It’s Valentine season and the invitation says that bringing something to spice up the wedding night can result in a prize?  Umm, huh, I’m on a budget and don’t know this persons size!!!  Not to mention, and it could be me, but I don’t really feel comfortable taking the kids into a Fredrick’s or something to search for a gift.  So, I cleaned, because it makes me think.  I sat their dusting and it hit me!  Why not put together a little something myself?  I went into the craft draw and then had to go back to cleaning.  I make kids crafts!  What in the world could I make that is cool, functional, and only slightly cheesy given the sexy little theme? 

This was my dilemma.  I’m a mother of two, so I obviously understand what goes on in a marriage, but does that mean I know how to help others spice up their love life?  And what does a kid crafter like me know about making something; dare I say it, sexy?!!!  I kept on cleaning, cooking, and then cleaning some more.  Basically, I pulled a pooh bear and did my version of “think, think, think”.  I’ve decided to be brave and leave my normally kiddy crafts to share with you my daring endeavor.  I made three things to go together as a set.  In the end, I felt like I had a spicy little gift fitting of a bridal shower that looked to bring sexy back!

I started with the duster.  After dusting the TV, shelves, entertainment center, fans, and wooden blinds, it was actually a comment my husband made regarding someone we knew that paid a maid despite being less busy then us when this one hit me.  Hate it when the obvious is there and something random is what shoves it in our face. 


A thick dowl (1/2 inch)
Duct tape (fun colored duct tape adds to the duster)
Feathers (if you can either black, white, or colors matching the duct tape)

Start this simple project by wrapping the end of the dowl once with the duct tape.  This makes the end clean and less likely to snag or come up.  Then slowly wrap the duct tape up the entire dowl.  Finish by wrapping the opposite end once to again ensure it stays put.  Now, using scotch tape connect three feathers together tightly, continue this until you have between 10-15 groupings.  

Next, using duct tape, start wrapping one end of the dowl.  When about half way around, put one of the feather groups against the dowl taping it to the dowl, from there every fourth of the way put another feather group, never on top of one, but right next to them.  Attach as many as will fit or until the duster is as full as you desire.  Once done starting at the feathers wrap a single loop of duct tape.  Then again go over the dowl with the duct tape.  

Viola!  You have a duster that is fun, flirty, and can clean a room!

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