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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Switch Belt

I don't know about you but I am constantly fighting my belts.  For some reason they always seem to fit me in between the holes.  This means I either punch a new hole in the belt or I deal with pant gap.  That embarrassing gap in the back of your not quiet secured pants showing off Victoria's Secret.
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Switch Belt:  I live my life in between sizes.  So, I usually have to buy my pants a size up to fit my legs and bottom, but then I need a belt to keep the waist in control.  Naturally the belts always hit in between the holes.  So either I poke a hole in the belt which is never pretty and usually ends up tearing the belt through or I still have the pant gap issue.  I like this belt since I get to make it fit my size.
You take the buckle and find where the length works for you.  Then you cut the belt down to hit your perfect fit.  Attach the buckle and you are all set to go without pant gap!  No in between fit issues!

The only think I would potentially change is I would prefer a metal buckle, I just like the look better.  The plastic buckle works fine and so this is more of an ascetic preference.  Course if they did use a metal buckle then you would lose this as your airport belt.  Nothing more embarrassing then having to hold your pants at the airport when you go through that security line.  The plastic buckle allows you to leave the belt on when you travel.

Check it out for yourself:
Product Description
Your search for the perfect gift is over!!!
When you purchase your Switch Belt for yourself or a gift you will become the envy of everyone that sees you belt. 
Belts are a dime a dozen right? WRONG! Switch Belts are like nothing you have ever worn. 
Comfortable, Stylish, Unique.You will get comment after comment about your new belt.Everyone will wonder where you got it?
What separates Switch Belts from the competition
• NO METAL contained in the belt! Can you imagine going through the airport without having to take your belt off?
     Brilliant right?
• CUSTOMIZABLE! Now you never have to question if you got the right size for your gift.
• INTERCHANGEABLE! We have a variety of colors to mix and match the belt with the buckle. 
    No outfit outsmarts a Switch Belt combination

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