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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle

Every once and a while we get invited to dinner at someone's house and I am faced with the dilemma of what to bring, red or white.  This is hard when you have no idea what they are cooking or you just have no idea what to pair with the menu they give you because it's not something you usually eat.  Like I need another thing to worry about as I'm trying to pack up and keep looking clean 3 little kids, but I don't exactly have the room to put two bottles of wine in my overly packed (prepared for every emergency) kid bag.
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle:  So, like all moms, space in my giant kid bag is priceless.  So, I like knowing that I can find ways to save that precious space.  I like that these carry the same amount as the bottle, but because they are bags they smash a little bit allowing for me to slide them into my bag easier.  I find that with a little more room than I usually take with a bottle I can fit both bags.  This way I don't have to worry about pairing with the menu, plus at the end of the night, with some of the wine gone out of the bags if they have anything left in them, I have a little extra room for any of the left overs that may be sent my way.
Another huge dinner invite issue that I hate is the horrible moment when you are juggling everything and the bottle falls.  That horrible moment when the bottle breaks and the one thing you were bringing besides yourself to add to the meal is gone.  That is the worst feeling ever.  I love that this will not be an issue anymore because a bag won't shatter and has a harder time popping out of my bag since it has more give to the moving objects in my bag.

I really love this for any holiday or dinner, but also think it would be great for any picnics on the beach or in the a field!  Romance while the kids run around wearing themselves out is my favorite double header!

You can check out this for yourself:

Product Description
Vino Mio is a refillable, lightweight and unbreakable alternative to glass bottles. It is an easy and discreet way to carry your wine or any other beverage in a bag, purse or pocket. Vino Mio is:
- Foldable
- Rollable
- Reusable
- Flexible
- BPA Free

Use Vino Mio anywhere glass is prohibited.


Transferring your favorite wine to the flexible wine bottle is easier than ever thanks to the wide mouth cap.

- Open your wine bottle.
- Twist the cap of your VINO MIO and slowly pour the wine from the original packaging to the flexible portable wine bottle.
- Fill the bottle almost to the top, leaving about 10% empty.
- Seal the portable wine bottle and massage to remove unwanted air bubbles.
- Fill the remainder of the bottle.
- Twist tightly & enjoy anywhere you want!

Bring VINO MIO to any event where alcohol will be served. Pour your favorite drink into the wine bottle with a twist and take it with you to:
- Concerts & festivals
- Backyard barbecue
- Beach outings
- Picnics
- A day on the boat
- Tailgating

Say goodbye to heavyweight glass bottles that weigh you down!

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