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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gummy Bear Silicone Candy Mold Promotion

My daughter is very into cooking right now.  Add to that, she is a kid and all kids are candy freaks.  That is why I'm excited to make some Gummi Bears with her.  She can use the dropper, pick the flavors, and I can do any stove work.  This way it's something we can do together, but she can do most of it herself!  
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Gummy Bear Silicone Candy Mold:  First of all the bears are small.  They are about the size of a normal gummy bear, thus the need for a dropper to put in the mix.  One thing that I love about making your own candy, in this case Gummy Bears is that you can make is more healthy than the stuff you buy in the store.  I found a great recipe for some healthy Strawberry Gummy Bears: Desserts with Benefits.  The recipe guide that comes with the mold has some great recipes as well.  It was very exciting for us to make our own Gummy Bears!  I can't wait until school starts again to put some in her lunchbox as a "treat"!  It's one treat I don't mind her eating!  
This is pretty easy to clean.  I just used some soap and a dish brush to get into the bear cavities and a little scrubbing, done!  I used a bottle brush to clean out the dropper.  No baked on food scrubbing needed!  

Check it out for yourself: 

Product Description

This tray makes 50 small gummies the same small bite size as Haribo bears, but now you can make your own quick and easy at home. The tray comes with an easy fill dropper to help fill the cavities and also a useful PDF recipe guide to help you along. This guide will come by e mail from your amazon account once the item is shipped.  

Make traditional gummy jello recipes or use this as an opportunity to make healthy vitamin packed treats for you or the kids.

Comes in Blue or Orange

Disclaimer: I received this product for free.

These molds are very small. they make tiny jelly bears, about the real size of packet gummy bears so please do not be disappointed with the cavity size. they have been made that small for a reason. 

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