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Saturday, December 12, 2015

#QueHeads Oven Gloves Review

I don't know if you are like me but once July hits, I tend to try to make things last until the Christmas season.  Some of my things can end up looking pretty cruddy, I am ashamed to even admit to the scraggly nature that I will let things go to in order to put them on the want list to give out, or the deals list to get for myself when those awesome deals hit.  Its just sad.  

This year I finally had to give up the ghost and decide to replace my old oven/bbq heat resistant gloves.  These guys have been put through it and I almost wanted to play taps as I put them in the garbage, they have seen some heat...get it? Yep here all night people. 

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of QueHeads Oven Gloves:  So, I was a little hesitant about these bad boys.  After all my last gloves where the woven fabric ones and I've only ever used those or your typical pot holder.  So, it's always been a fabric protection that I can just toss in the washer in my home, as it had been in my mothers home.  Naturally, a change from what your used to can bring about some hesitation.  The gloves are rubber, so I was worried about them melting, but they are resistant up to 425 degrees F.  That should be fine for all my recipes.  OK, so lets give these babies a whirl.  

They fit a little big on my smaller hands, but where no larger than my last gloves.  I liked that they had little bubble/knobs on them to help with gripping things.  I was cooking a few different things in the oven and naturally managed to dip one of the fingers in the sauce of the meat I was checking.  I just rinsed it off with the glove still on, dabbed it dry, and was able to take the rolls out so they wouldn't burn while the meat finished cooking.  The gloves didn't melt.  I felt a little warmth, but nothing hot at all.  It was just like using my fabric woven gloves, only I did feel my hands had a touch of a rubber smell after using.  Nothing over powering and not many people sniff their hands, but I was curious if it would leave a rubber smell so I did.  I tossed them in the dishwasher after use to make sure they were all clean and had no issues.  

These are a great upgrade from my old woven gloves! I can't wait until spring comes so I can test them on my BBQ recipes!  Gotta love the dual purpose!  I think these are great for anyone who likes to cook and/or BBQ.  Wouldn't mind getting a second pair in my stocking for when I am cooking on the BBQ and stove!  

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  
Product Description
These high-quality grill mitts are made from BPA-free, FDA-approved rubber.  They're heat-resistant to 425 degrees F. The palm and fingers are covered in raised nubs so you always have a safe, no-slip grip on hot utensils and pans. They're dishwasher-safe and waterproof. They offer great protection for hands and fingers whether you're barbecuing or handling cookware in a hot oven. Fits any size hand comfortably. Comes in a set of 2. Order yours today!      
  •  ★ SUPERIOR HAND PROTECTION - Heat resistant to 425 F providing optimal safety & protection while you're barbecuing on a grill.
    ★ NO-SLIP DESIGN - Entire palm-side surface is covered in raised, no-slip nubs to help you maintain a confident grip.
    ★ 100% FOOD GRADE SAFE - Rubber material is BPA-free & FDA-approved so they're always safe to use for handling hot food.
    ★ PERFECT FOR KITCHEN & GRILL- Great for working with utensils & pans over a hot kitchen stove, BBQ or removing foods from a hot oven.
    ★ EASY TO CLEAN - Waterproof & dishwasher-safe - Has handy loop so you can hang them on a hook - Available in black.

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