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Saturday, December 12, 2015

#cujocontrol Bark Collar Review

After our recent move we all have felt a little stress.  New home, new location, new everything, and boxes galore.  Nothing is familiar yet and that doesn't always bring out the best in anyone, especially an already neurotic dog.  My middle dog has always been a ball of anxiety.  He tends to get distressed when alone.  Having more than one dog helps and before the move we didn't have to Kennel or use other methods to deal with his anxiety when we left the house.  The move, however, seems to have moved his Separation Anxiety right back into the front of his mind.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Cujo Control's Bark Collar CC-210:  I like that this collar doesn't offer just one correction.  It has steps, like all good behavioral training methods.  As the bad behavior continues the correction continues or increases.  It starts with a loud beep warning and continues from their through 7 levels.  My old Bark Collar had one offering, a vibration response on one level and that was it.  I felt is was time to try something new.

This one came with two batteries, providing a back up for later.  It was very easy to put together to use with prong options based on the size of the dog.  I like this in case we have a different sized dog in the future who has the same issue.  It was easy to place on and my guy was not thrilled.  He seems to understand what the collar is, even before it is used.  Naturally, he started barking the moment I left the door (literally just going to get something from the car, didn't even have shoes on). I waited outside the door and heard the beep.  He was in the least distracted enough to stop barking while I got my item from the car.  Awesome!

It didn't seem to affect his day to day as it isn't as bulky as the old one was.  He probably would have been able to rest better if I wasn't trying to snuggle with him in this photo.  If this isn't a, MOM! look I don't know what is!
It fits high on the neck.  The device should be straddling the underside of the neck as so the prongs can sense the vibrations of the vocal cords when he barks.  Make sure you can still slide fingers under the top part of the neck so it isn't too tight.  This was a great upgrade from our old bulky collar.
The only thing I would change about this was that it doesn't come with a manual. There is one on the website, but it is for the remote controlled collar.  You can still figure out how to work this or assemble this from that manual, but I would have liked one for this non-remote collar to be in the box.  Other then that, the collar works well.  Offers 7 different reactions so it starts out with just the beep, it is easy to get together, fits snug, isn't too bulky, and is at a good price.  The box may even fit in a puppy stocking for your little barker!

Disclosure: I received this product for free or a reduced price in exchange for my a review.  The opinions and experiences are my own and were not influenced by this exchange.  
Product Description
Top Rated Dog Bark Collar from Cujo Control

With our Cujo Control No Bark Collar your dog will be silent during the day, out at the park, and throughout the entire night. Peace and quiet at last. Safe, effective, humane.

What's In The Box
- 1 tone/shock receiver
- 1 nylon collar with adjustable strap
- 4 contact probes (2 small, 2 large)
- 1 test light
- 1 6 volt alkaline battery
- 1 instruction booklet

Bark Collar Specifications
- Adjustable sensitivity settings
- 7 levels of tone and shock stimulation
- Safe for 8-120 pounds dogs
- Collar length 6-28 inches

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