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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembering Our History

It seems fitting to me that today we take a moment to think of those in our lives that we have lost and those who have lead us to where we are today.  If you are like me, you fall into a category where someone in your family is into genealogy.  Chances are they randomly update you about your family tree and some bit of history with which you are connected via your bloodline.  Normally you listen and appreciate their efforts only to forget the tidbit a few days later.  Today though I was thinking about all the stories that my family members must have had as many served in the military going all the way back to Civil War.  Tidbits of their service and small tokens found to give us a glimpse of their story, but the story itself is lost.  It's a shame to have so much lost as history, both personal and as a population can teach us great things.  It can show us how to fail, how to succeed, and how to live just by the outcome of the actions people took.  

Seems a shame to me that the only thing we are recording is the small details: names, dates, lifespan, death.  Especially, when we all are making our own history right now.  History that future generations could draw from if they only knew about it, past the endless selfies and cryptic face-book posts that will somehow survive, I'm talking about the details of our stories that we may not share with the world.  Details that make up the actions that lead to our life events, the ones that may help the future generations who like our family members above look back to find out more about what/who created them.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all could have a Biographer who would put these tidbits down for us?  A way for us to add more to our branch on the tree?  I know that new sites are starting to emerge to help us to this like this one I found the other day:  I think its great that we are finally using some of this technology to be useful.  
To pass on the incredible things life has to offer, the life lessons, the trials, the joys, all of it to future generations who may be looking into their own identity and past.  We can never get back the stories we have lost, but maybe we can be more conscious and aware of the stories we have now.  Taking a minute to write or log them in somewhere, helping or recording the generations still here's stories before they are lost too?  Maybe if we all took the time to remember the strength in those who have fought for us in the past and present we can respect the sacrifice some have made and still make so others can live?  Maybe we can stop blaming those who have stood up and defended us because it was their walk in life and either turn those energies into better solutions or aim them at a real villain?  Whatever you believe in this world chances are it will shape those who come after you and someday someone may look back for your story to seek guidance or understanding in their own life and history, better make sure it's a story they can find and read or you will become just more data on their tree.    

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