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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall Tree Handprints

Photobucket Fall is such a great time to make memories.  Football games, sweaters, hot cocoa, apple picking, pumpkins, falling leaves, the list of ways to make memories goes on and on.  So, what about those days when going outside to make a few fall memories isn't possible? Why not make some inside that you can bring out each year?  

First, get a nice fall colored paper.  We chose blue to be a nice sky color.  Next, get out your fall colored paint.  Put on those paint shirts and have the wipes ready, this is going to get messy.

Start by painting your little ones hand, fingers, and the lower arm brown.  Carefully put the arm, hand, and fingers on the paper.  Gently press it to make sure the print is unbroken.  Lift and wipe the brown away.

You have two options on what to do next.  You can either allow the brown to dry or you can go ahead with the next step.  Put the fall color paint into a container.  Using your little one's fingers, have them dip and press the colors around the finger portion of the brown print.

This will create the look of leave on a nice fall tree.  Let your little one be creative with their tree.  All trees in nature are different and beautiful.  This tree will be no different.  It will be unique to your child and something you can frame and look back on when they are older.

So, once the leaves are on the tree set it aside to dry.  Wipe off all the paint and admire your latest fall memory!

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