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Thursday, November 19, 2015

#Beetastic Face Paint Kits for Kids Review

Tis the season to start thinking of things to do while the kiddo's are home from school!  Why get a little silly and have yourself a day of carnival like fun?  Bust out the face paint and see what you can think of!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Beetastic Kids Face Paint:  So, when finding something to do that will entertain the kids and have them focus on something other than being in your path for a few minutes this holiday the best laid plan is one that gives them focus.  First have them decide what to have painted on their face, arm, or hand.  Then, bust open the face paint.  I liked this paint package as it didn't have so many colors the kids couldn't choose, but it had enough to cover all your basis for whatever they did decide to get painted on. 

Once the image is decided on and the colors chosen grab a touch of water to wet the paint palette.  Then start your design.  This went on smoothly.  The color didn't eat the water making for the constant need to water it, nor did it house the water making for runny paint.  Both are my pet peeves when it comes to using face paint as I'm not the best artist. 

The choice of applicators made it easier on me to fake my way until I could better figure out how to draw the objects the kids choose.  I did add a q-tip to the mix as it was the perfect size for the sharks head that I was drawing on my sons little preschooler cheek. 

Then, I let the kids go after many warnings not to touch it and not to let anything else touch it.  Random little reminders to keep the drawing from getting touched allowed their little minds to be thinking of their newly added face pictures.  Instead of them thinking of ways to get under my feet, they were busy minding how fast theirs were going and comparing images showing each other their cool new looks! 

I enjoyed using this face paint kit.  8 colors is the perfect size for the at home designs, the applicator options make drawing easier for those of us not so artistically inclined, and that it isn't big so doesn't take up a whole draw makes this mama happy.  Maybe you can draw something holiday festive for your kids to add to the spirit or maybe you can just add a little fun to the day like we did.   Face painting is definitely an easy way to make a few "Mommy Moments" of your own this year!
Disclosure: I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  All ideas and opinions on the product are my own. 

Product Description
  • ✮ 50 faces in each Face Paint Kit! This water based face painting set is FDA Approved, non-toxic, and skin friendly.
    ✮ Colors are smooth, easy to apply, and washable.
    ✮ Each Kit includes: 8 vivid colors, 2 double sided foam applicators, 1 paint brush, and 2 sponges.

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