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Monday, October 5, 2015

Trick or Treat bag!

 Each year we end up getting new Halloween buckets.  Last years end up lost, broken because they are cheap, or somehow as decorations for the house.  So, why not make your own that can be used year after year?
You will need a few things:
Fabric Paint
Fabric Glue
Needle and Thread

Start with two sheets of felt. Place them together, cut the top 3 inches off the top.  Cut each strip in half.  Now you should have two large sheets of felt and 4 1 1/2 inch strips.

Take two of the 1 1/2 inch strips and line them up.  Sew them together on one end.  You do not have to be any good at sewing for this, just thread your needle, tie the two ends of the string together with a triple knot and push the needle threw the starting on one side of the lined up ends loop over the top and push through the felt again just slightly off where you started.  Do this all the way through the end and then knot off the thread before cutting away the needle.

Using this same technique stitch the remaining two 1 1/2 inch strips on one end.  You will now have 2 large sheets of felt and two long 1 1/2 inch strips.

Taking one of the large felt pieces place it in front of you.  Now lay one of the long strips so one end touches the top of your large felt piece.  You want to be about an inch or two from the side of the large pieces edge.  Using your looping stitch attach the strip end to the Large felt.  Now, about an inch or two from the edge of the opposite side of your large felt piece attach the other end of the long strip.  Set this aside and do the same with your remaining large felt piece and long strip.  

Put the lined up large felt sheets in front of you.  Using the same loop method described above stitch three of the sides of your large felt pieces.  Now flip them inside out so the stitches are on the inside of your bag.

Now, take out your decorative items.  Decide how you want to decorate the bag.  We decided to mix some white paint with some glue.  Then, we painted a hand.  One upside down hand print on the bag makes for a perfect spooky ghost!  Covered in glitter for a fun addition!  We added a few words to finish off our decorations.  Be as creative as you want to and now every-time you go trick or treating you will have memories as well as haunted spirits traveling with you!

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