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Monday, August 17, 2015

Braid Flower Basket

Can you guess what we are doing with our hair again?  That's right, BRAIDS!!!  This time we felt inspired by our seriously fun dress and decided to create a braid look around a flower that is as sunny as our dress!

My daughter has shorter hair and to make her hair create a little vase if you will around the flower we had to get creative.

We pulled her hair into 3 pony tails.  They were positioned at the corners of a triangle with the middle being where I wanted the flower to sit.

Starting with the top or front pony tail I started braiding.

When I got the braid to be the length needed to reach the second pony I added the second pony to the existing braid.  

Then I started to braid in the direction of the last pony tail.  Once I got to the last pony I added it to the existing braid.

Each time I add to the braid I try to braid around the pony tail holder so the braid covers the holder naturally.  I continue the braid until I run out of braid-able hair.

I tie off the braid.

Using bobby pins I pin the tail of the braid around the top/front pony tail holder and tuck it under the braid ring.

If you have long enough hair you can use bobby pins to wrap the braid around the ring you have created for a bigger holder.

Just make sure to thread the end into the middle and pin it down.  Now clip your flower onto the pinned end of the braid in the center.

Make sure to slide some of the hair pulled into the pony to further secure the flower into it's vase.

Spray with hair spray for added security.  Now you are done!

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