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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Which way braid crown

We are very into braids right now, in case the recent posts weren't making that obvious.  So, we got creative with this braid set up.  It is a nice braid crown into a ponytail, perfect for this hot weather we are having.  
I started by dividing her hair into two sections starting at the eye-line on either side of the head.  

 The thickness of your sections will depend on the thickness of your child's hair.  We used about 1.5-2 inch sections.

Now start braiding from the front most section.  Use a french braid type of method adding hair to your braid every 2-3 combos(middle, side, other side is one combo),  if your child has a lot of hair or it is very thick you may want to change how often you add hair.

Continue to braid the hair following the hairline until you reach the place you wish to place your pony.  We wanted a fun side pony so one braid was longer than the other.  Use a rubber band to secure the braid once you've reached the place you plan to place your pony.

Now, do the same thing only on the other side of the head.  When I first started doing her hair I took the advise of one of my cousins and used M&M's to help her sit still, she got one every 5 minutes and then I tapered off as she was able to sit.  Now the hairstyle itself helps to motivate her.

Once both braids meet and are tied off you have a few options.  Braid the hair into one braid. Just place the pony, or braid the two braids and tie it all in a pony tail.  We braided the two braids down a little and left them tied off to ensure that the braids were secure.  Then we added a bow because it matched out outfit!  We loved this look so much we wore it to a birthday party!

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