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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Francois Et Mimi French Coffee Press

I don't know about you but I have to have a morning pick me up  Especially with all the remodels we have been doing downstairs!  It honestly has a person looking for something that at least looks put together, even if everything else in life is a cluttered disaster!  

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Francois et Mimi French Coffee Press:  Lately, as the flooring is starting to gear down and should be finished in the last month of renovations; my work of painting, staining, sanding, creating, and putting it all back together is gearing up!  That said, I need a pick me up in order to not lose it with everything we have going on.  I was so excited to get this French Coffee Press.  My parents had a Coffee Press when I was in high school and I've always wanted one of my own. (Can you tell I'm from the Northwest? Not many high-schoolers dreaming of Coffee anythings!)  First thing I did what check out how this looks.  
I love the structure of this.  The clear Glass that allows you to literally see the magic that is your morning coffee or tea come to life is amazing.  I love how the glass container sits inside a chrome finished metal stand.  It reminds me of a little bistro or upscale B and B.  It is considerable in size holding 50 oz as I had expected it to be smaller and hold less, this is a happy surprise for me as it means less refilling and brewing and more mugs in the morning!  
It comes apart easily for cleaning which is good as I hate when my tea leaves get in my coffee and visa-versa.  Probably a favorite aspect of this is that it is dishwasher safe!  I'm always saying I wish everything can be put in the dishwasher and love it when wishes come true!  I didn't think it would survive, but after two runs in the dishwasher to make sure it was safe, it passed and lived to hold another mornings mug!  One of my favorite uses this weekend is making red tea from loose leaves.  I add red tea into my kids sippy's to help combat colds.  This is a great way for me to make enough to put in all 3 of my kids drinks all day without having to try to heat mug after mug and pray the teabag doesn't break from use.  The kids like seeing the tea leaves squeezed to give them their tea!  Ever since we had a daycare tea party, they are all about having afternoon tea!?  
I literally have no complaints or wants for this item.  The closest I can come is a warning, it is glass and glass can break so be careful.  So, if you love coffee and/or tea check this out for your morning table!  

Product Description
~~Elegant Chrome Finish
•Holds 1500ml, or 50oz
•Dishwasher Safe
•Micro-Mesh Filter
•Works great with coarse-ground coffee or tea leaves

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