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Monday, February 2, 2015

Mighty Leaf Tea Review

I love tea!  The winter is the perfect season for making a mug of tea and setting down in a comfy chair to take in the decorations while you read a good book and allow the aroma's of a good tea to sooth you while the liquid warms you from the cold.  Their is just something about a good mug of tea that can help you steal a calm moment, find energy to push through the last of the day, comfort in a good book, or just wash down whatever you are eating that brings a satisfaction the can be missed during one's day.  I love to have my cup of tea in the morning and that is when I did my review, in the morning. 
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Mighty Leaf Teatop Brew Mug and the Mighty Leaf Holiday Collection Tea Chest:
So, if you don't already know I run a home daycare and it can get very crazy in the mornings!  I love to have a cup of tea in the morning, but it can be difficult since I have to keep it on the island in the kitchen( out of the reach of little hands). So, I was excited to check out this mug.  I could set it up in the morning and let it sit with the tea-bag in brewing while I run around getting everyone going.  Then, if I need a sip before it's completely brewed I can snag one without getting hit in the face with the bag.  After 5-6 minutes I can just pull up the tea bag and into the top compartment it went.  Out of my tea, out of my face, and stored away without breaking my stride or re-directing me to the nearest trash.  
The mug itself was cool, but kept my tea warm which is important when dealing with little hands that grab everything!  No worrying about the too hot ouches with this thing.  I love a lot about this mug as you can see, but their are a few things that I would like it to have.  I would love it to be microwave safe, being stainless steel means I can't pop it in and heat it up if it takes me too long to drink it.  Some of my tea bags where too big for the pouch.  The Mighty Leaf Tea bags fit great, but some of my store bought tea bags didn't fit which was a bummer.  Other than those two things I have nothing else bad to say about this mug.  

Speaking of the Mighty Leaf Tea bags I was also checking out the Mighty Leaf Holiday Collection Tea Chest.  I was very excited to see the assortment of flavors and admit that it was hard to decide which ones to start.  I finally decided on the Chocolate Mint Truffle.  It not only sounded good, but used Rooibus(Red Tea) which gives an antioxidant boost that I was looking for to help during the cold season.  My hunch was right and this flavor was AMAZING!  Honestly I couldn't get enough and drank it way too quickly!  I found myself disappointed as it was so good it was going to be hard to test the others and I should have waited until it was the last.  I did it anyway and my other favorite flavors are the Vanilla Bean Tea (warning I love vanilla so that may be a biased opinion) and the Bombay Chai!  I was very please with all the tastes of my top three and probably could subsist off of them for the rest of my life.  I'm not as big a fan of the Chamomile Citrus.  I'm not a fan of Citrus in general so that may be the reason for it, but I just don't like the mixture of citrus and tea for some reason.  Love me some lemons and some oranges, but citrus flavored anything just doesn't cut it for me.  The Green Tea Tropical was alright, but again I tend to like my tea more with spices than fruit flavors.  I did appreciate the Earl Grey flavor and even added some milk to it as I feel like Earl Grey mixes well with a dab of milk added into it.  All in all I think this package has a little something for everyone, no matter if your a spicy person or a fruity person.  Check it out for yourself.  

Product Description:

Kiss goodbye to over-brewed tea.  The Mighty Leaf TeaTop brew mug is a “traveling teapot,” perfect for enjoying Mighty Leaf Tea.  Just pull up on the string to pull the spent tea pouch into the top compartment, away from your tea. Crafted of double-walled stainless steel, this 12 oz. mug keeps your tea hot while staying cool to the touch.  Recommended by Dr. Oz.  Available for $16.95 on

Product Description: 
Share the warmth of the season with Mighty Leaf's Holiday Collection Tea Chest. Packaged in a festive red box, this collection contains 30 of our artisan-crafted whole leaf pouches in signature tea flavors perfect for the holiday.  Spice it up with vanilla from Madagascar in our Vanilla Bean Tea or with the pepper, orange, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves in our Bombay Chai.  Soothe yourself with the citrusy organic bergamot of Organic Earl Grey.  In Green Tea Tropical, smooth green tea leaves meet sweet tropical fruits.  Egyptian chamomile flowers mingle with subtle citrus slices in our Chamomile Citrus infusion.  Savor the guilt free indulgence of Chocolate Mint Truffle with its chocolate cacao nibs, mint, and rich South African rooibos tea leaves.  Retails for $24.95 here:

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