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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Unique Cleaning Supplies

I'm always looking for ways to keep my home clean.  I have a lot of kids running around and so their safety is important to me.  Their are a lot of very harsh chemical cleaners out their that kids can get hurt with.  Having some that are more natural is important to me.  I found a few you may be interested in if your looking for natural products.  Check them out: 

Grill Cleanera natural cleaner that claims to cut through the grease and grime without harsh chemicals. Grills are easy to get dirty and hard to get clean. Unique's Grime Eater claims to get ride of the mess with no scrubbing.  I found that it did cut through some of the mess, but I did end up scrubbing still.  Some messes are just too messy.  While I did have to scrub a little it was nice to know the products where natural and wouldn't leave a weird taste or chemical residue on food that I cook.  It definitely worked as well as the more chemical based cleaners work.

Complete Odor and Stain Removera natural cleaning product that claims to remove all home stains and odors. They do warn against using it on a surface that has been damaged by water. It guarantees to remove stains and odors from: athletic equipment, pets, food, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, water stains, grease, vomit, blood, grass stains, and more! I noticed it did help to break up a stain of beets and spinach (baby food incident) on my carpet.  Some of the stain remained, but I was surprised at how well it picked up this stain!  Bonus, with the natural ingredients I don't have to worry about bleaching or other chemicals getting on the babies skin!  I run a daycare so that is important!  

Super Digest-It: is a drain cleaner and opener. This natural drain opener says it will unclog most drains overnight.  You can use this safe drain opener in your garbage disposals, bathtubs, and toilets without fear of damaging plumbing.  I like this because unless you watched them install all your plumbing, chances are you don't know if it's entirely metal or if their is some plastic tubing.  It's important that your drain cleaner not be so corrosive that it eats away at any plastic seals, pipes, or o-rings.  I like that the drain opener is natural and less likely to cause me a bigger plumbing issues.  So far all I've had are some minor hair related issues and it has worked great.  I think it would be a great maintenance tool due to it being less likely to eat the plastic tubing.  

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