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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuggo Dog Toy Review

My children are all huge parts of my life.  Not all of my children are human.  I have 3 fur-babies, well they aren't really babies anymore.  They are all rescues and medium to large dogs.  They may be considered Senior by the Vet, but they are babies to me!  They like to cuddle and to play, but with all the moving parts of my life I don't always get to entertain them as much as I like.  I'm always excited to get them new toys to help make up for the time I want to spend with them.  Sure they get daily walks and play time, but as with my human babies it just never feels like enough.

 Mommy Moments with Abby review of Tuggo Dog Toy: So, I found this toy interesting.  It is a ball with a rope going through the middle of it.  Their was a latch that I could take off using a coin.  I filled the ball portion with water and replaced the latch.  It weighed a ton!  I filled up the second one the same way.  It was heavy as well.  I lugged them both outside and introduced the fur-babies to their new toys.  They were confused at first, then after a while drug those things around the yard.  After a while they settled in chewing on the ropes.  They are big dogs and it was nice to see them act like little puppies dragging around too big or too heavy items.  Every dog deserves to work itself out while playing and that is just what this toy did for mine.  As a side note my human babies have found fun with this toy as well.  They like to try to atlas lift it onto the tops of the slide.  It is a great work out for the pups and for you it turns out!  The only possible negative I have to offer is that I'm not sure how long the rope will hold up with 3 big time chewers, but to be honest not many ropes have held up under these guys.  We give this toy 12 paws up, because that's all we have!

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