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Monday, February 2, 2015

Contoured Sleep Mask

So, I know a lot of you will relate to the next review.  Pretty much any mom, business travellor, or person who has had to sleep in a shared room knows that it never fails and whomever you are sharing the room with wants the opposite of what you do to sleep.  Having kids means night lights, sometimes hall lights, and other light sources are needed for those late night scramble to the bathroom.  All that light keeps my mind too awake sometimes!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of the Contoured Sleep Mask:  First of all, I love the color blue!  It's a favorite of mine so I was very excited when I opened my package.  The next thing I noticed was how light it was.  It didn't put any weight on my hand and while I could feel the fabric on my skin their was no heaviness on my eyes at all.  The dome structure kept the fabric off my eyes and eye lashes.  I've tried masks before and my eye lashes hitting on the fabric makes it feel like a bug or something is trying to get inside and keeps me awake so it makes sense to design a sleep mask with these domes.  I also noticed that the dome structure didn't make my eyes sweat since nothing was pushed up against them.  This is very important in Arizona where just the heat is horrible at times.  I also like that the strap is adjustable for any size head.  My kids have big heads so if I ever need to use this for them on a long trip or something the elastic adjustable strap is very helpful.  I'm not sure how machine washable this thing will be, but I love the effectiveness of it as it definitely kept things dark without keeping me awake by touching my eyes.  I think this is a great tool to have in your hard to sleep night drawer! 

Product Description
This eye mask is so light you will hardly believe you have it on your face. The design molds to your face and it is comfortable to wear. It is soft, flexible and breathable - so your head stays cool when you sleep. This eye mask will help you sleep, meditate or simply for resting your eyes after a long, hard day. The soft polyester fabric is padded and has a contoured shape that gently covers your eyes. The elastic strap is extra wide and attaches with Velcro.

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