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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Candy Bouquet

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 Valentine's day is coming and if you are like me you are racking your brain for some fun toys/gifts/ and surprises to include in your holiday celebrations.  Some of the best gifts come from the heart and show the other person how much you care.  So, that is why I am a huge fan of gifts that are thoughtful and created by hand, like a candy bouquet.  You don't have to spend a lot to make this awesome gift either and the best part is you can personalize it!
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 Start by choosing your container.  I show in the images of this blog how to use a plant pot that can later be used by the recipient and a baby shirt for those who have a baby or are pregnant.  Both end up looking adorable! 
If you choose to use a plant pot then let the kids have some fun with it and decorate it.  Keep the away from the outside of the pot so that no paint gets inside where a plant may one day live and set them to work!  
Next, decide your lay out and gather your candy and festive touches.  We are making these for Valentine's Day, but a fun candy bouquet can be used for any occasion.  
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Once you have your candy start by filling in the bottom of your pot.  Don't stuff it, but add enough to help stabilize your bouquet.  You can also put a chunk of floral Styrofoam inside to do the same thing.  I added a little tissue paper to mine since all the daycare kids were making these and I didn't want to over-stuff the parents.    

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From here I set up the start of my Bouquets layout.  Some fun Heart Decorations, Chocolate Roses, Red Hots, Heart Candies, and Heart Lollipops where all placed into the bouquet!  I arranged them until I had the look that I liked the best!

 photo P2140049_zpse1fe46da.jpgAfter this I used some pink string and tied on the pots water container so it wouldn't get lost in transit. 

 photo P2140045_zps2cd2cd23.jpg
So, what do you think of the Potted Candy Bouquet version?

 photo P2140044_zpsbd1cf48e.jpgI think it looks great and the kid decorated pots give it that special touch that nothing else will have.  It didn't cost an arm and a leg, kept the kids busy as it is easy enough they can help make it and put it together. If you can keep them from eating the candy of course!  Plus, after the candy is gone more memories can be made when you use the pot to grow something!

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For the Baby Shirt Bouquet I only changed the container.  I took a small box and put the shirt I thought was cutest on it.  I unbuttoned the bottom of the onesy and tucked it up taping it down to the sides so it didn't show and the box could lay flat on a surface.  

 photo P2130038_zpsc4c6291c.jpg
Then I added a second onesy instead of the tissue paper.  

I folded the onesy and placed it at the bottom of the box, if you have anything you fear may not stay in the wrapper, melt, or become a mess somehow, put this in a plastic baggie for protection. 

 photo P2130042_zps6f38d0f4.jpg
Then, I filled it the same way that I filled the Potted Bouquet only I didn't have to tie anything on the bottom so no string.  

 photo P2130040_zps6cc44dfe.jpg photo P2130041_zps693dce6e.jpg  Isn't it adorable?  

You can use this idea for baby shower gifts as well!  

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