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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Resolution Time!

So, this year I'm making the same commitment that so many others make each year.  I'm going to get into better shape.  After having my first two kids the weight literally fell off.  I just had my 3rd in July and despite having better success with breastfeeding the weight never left.  So, I'm joining the billions of others and making the Resolution to get into shape.  How am I going to do this?  Like every success story you have to have a plan and mine offers me two goals.  This way I give myself two chances of success.  One of my goals I don't expect to fully succeed with, but I want to have a gold ring to reach for to drive me forward.

My goals are to do one push-up each day, adding a push up each day.  Yes, this is my gold ring of doing 365 push ups at the end of the year.  Even if I can't get their I hope to do more push-ups than I've ever done before.  My secondary goal is to do a workout program at home.  The kids will be running around if up, I will be getting up earlier some days, and I will be holding off getting any new clothes until I finish the program.

In addition to working out my body, I'll be taking some courses online to work out my mind.  Being a mom and running a daycare had me so kid-centric that I've lost some of the knowledge I had gained before having kids.  I want my kids to push themselves and feel that seeing me work at classes will help them see that education and knowledge is important.  My goal in this is to regain knowledge lost.

So, as you can see I have my Resolution: Get into shape!  I have my plan, push ups with a program to get my body in shape and classes to get my mind into shape.  Now, I just have to get started.  I have already started doing my push-ups with today being number 3.  Next week I hope to start the home work out program.  Once I'm done with taxes I'll start some online classes.

The only thing I'm missing now, is the part that comes at the end of the year.  Success!

I hope you find a Resolution that is something you need and that you find the plan that leads you to the success you deserve at the end of the year!  You only have one life!  Find the way to live it in a way that brings out your best!

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