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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dealing with a Scrooge moment!

So, I see all over the television ads for getting your loved one a new car.  They are all excited and the car has that amazing new car smell.  Naturally, my mind goes to the ways that the new car is going to leave your loved ones with new headaches for the holidays!  They will have to get new plates, registration, and lets not forget about the car insurance.  You can forget about them taking that new baby for a ride when they open it up on Christmas morning without having car insurance.  I wish you good luck finding an insurance company on Christmas that is open for business to give you a quote much less sign you up with a new policy.

We all no that no DMV is open for the holidays, so your just going to have to wait on that one no matter what you want to do unless you get it registered prior but then you run into the issue of having to transfer registration and you may as well wait!
I have also never seen an emissions office open on any holiday.  I'm honestly not sure if you will be able to get in for a few days if not a week for the testing.  I can just see the line for that one as well.  You'd better bring a good book when dealing with that little hassle.
This leads me to my advice for dealing with this Christmas car scrooge moment.  If you really want to give the gift of wheels then take the extra time and take care of some of this for them, maybe get the emissions testing done if needed, give a visa gift card with the registration money amount on it, and call for auto insurance quotes in Chandler or where ever you reside.  This way you have as much as possible to make their amazing gift of wheels as pain free as possible.  If your really nice, stand in line for them when the DMV opens the next week.  Whatever you give make sure it comes from the heart this year!  Happy Holidays!

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