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Monday, November 24, 2014

Love and Toast Review

 photo P2070134_zps5d5f64af.jpg I love new products.  Especially ones that can help me out during the season of cracked skin and sore fingers.  I don't know about you but the cold does a number on my skin.  Mix it with Arizona's dry air and the winter is not a good time for my hands.

Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Love and Toasts Fragrance Candied Citron and Honey Coconut Handcream from the Classic Collection:  I don't know about you other mom's, but my hands are always cracking from all the hand sanitizer and washing that I put them through.  I love it when I get a nice thick creamy lotion to put on them.  It didn't completely remove all my damage, but it did soften my skin, help it heal some, and smell amazing.

 photo P2070140_zpscc663f96.jpgThe smell wasn't overly strong and it didn't fade into a sour smell that some lotions do after time.  I love the natural products in the creams as they aren't going to harm the sensitive of my baby and kids if they come in contact with them.

 photo P2070137_zps137937be.jpgI also love the great messages on the boxes.  I had to post a picture of it to show you the great philosophy of this company.

 photo P2070136_zps5a672827.jpgThe fragrance was a roll on fragrance.  This is great for the purse application, no worries of breaking the sprayer with the bouncing in the purse, no worries of spilling, just roll and go.  Perfect for those long carpool days or multiple blow out diaper days that call for a dab of refreshing.  I love the scent of Candied Citron for the holidays.  It blends well with the smell of pies, cookies, and other holiday treats!  Last thing you want is competing fragrances when you walk into a room.  If you like orange scents this is a great one to check out.

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