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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mary J. Blige London Sessions Review

I don't know about you, but their are just some artists whose songs stick with you no matter the years that go by.  One of those for me is Mary J. Blige and I'm sure you all know the song I'm talking about, No More Drama.  Let's face it, around the holidays that song may need to come out more than normal.  So, I jumped at the chance to hear her latest tracks, London Sessions.
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Mary J. Blige London Sessions:  Let me start by saying that I love her voice.  It is one of those voices that get in your head and you can't help but feel the music.  Her R&B sounds will be around for a long time to come.  Most of her tracks displayed this wheelhouse of hers.  Some of the lyrics in a few of the songs where hard for me to relate to and seemed to be about accepting someone who had cheated? While I had a hard time relating to these songs I understand that their are others who may feel the same and these songs would speak to them more than they did to me.  Not every message in every song will be felt or related to by everyone, its what makes music special.  That said their were some messages in these songs that I loved and fully believe in.  Messages like to face yourself and about finding love in a relationship where it seemed to have faded.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself to step back and look at things in a new light and a relationship is something that needs that perspective in order to grow and move forward during any times of strife.  Check out this video as a little preview to her latest sounds:

Just like my staple song No More Drama, I found myself feeling the music inside of me, bobbing my head, and singing even though I didn't know the words.  Her music just speaks through you and is something you feel inside of you.  I may not have felt all the songs, but I can always count on Mary to have some that get inside of you.  If you are any sort of an R&B or Mary J. Blige fan than you have to hear these tracks.



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With a track record of eight multi-platinum albums, nine Grammy Awards (plus a staggering 31 nominations), a 2012 Golden Globe nomination, and four American Music Awards, Mary J Blige is a global superstar. And in ensuing years, the singer/songwriter has attracted an intensely loyal fan base – responsible for propelling worldwide sales of more than 50 million albums.  
– Mary J. Blige has once again confounded expectations and ventured into new musical territory by crossing the Atlantic to collaborate with some of this decade’s most celebrated UK musical talent – including Disclosure, Eg White, Emile Sandé, Jimmy Napes, Naughty Boy, SAM ROMANS and Sam Smith – and recorded a new studio album, The London SessionsThis extraordinary new collection will be released December 2 on Capitol Records
  According to Capitol Music Group Chairman Steve Barnett, “Mary J. Blige created a one-of-a-kind blend of hip-hop and soul that has excited fans for more than 20 years, making her one of the most successful and acclaimed artists in any genre of music. The London Sessions is a fantastic album; another step forward for this great and enduring artist, and I am thrilled that she is now an important member of our Capitol Records family.”   “It’s all about the London Music scene and I’m so excited to have been part of it, to record my album,” says Blige. “The songs are fun, therapeutic and soulful. This is a beautiful change for me and I’m proud of what we have done here.”   

”The London Sessions 
is, number one, the bravest thing, and number two, just so honest,” says Smith, who co-wrote lead single,“Therapy,” with Blige and Eg White (Adele, Florence + The Machines, James Blunt). Disclosure adds, “It’s the reason that people like Mary are so successful – they’re just not afraid to change what they do completely.” 
  This fearlessness propelled Blige to London’s thriving musical community, who embraced her fully and helped her create an album that displays the true evolution of an artist.

 Each of the collaborators worked with Blige to create a new body of work driven by her one-of-a-kind voice. The results are altogether thrilling.   

Track Listing1. Therapy
2. Doubt
3. Not Loving You
4. When You're Gone
5. Right Now
6. My Loving
7.Long Hard Look
8. Whole Damn Year
9 .Nobody But You
10. Pick Me Up
11. Follow
12. Worth My Time

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