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Monday, October 13, 2014

Window Cling fun!

It can be hard to decorate the windows for Halloween.  So many of the decorations are more adult in theme.  The Blood splatters, creepy creatures and such can be a little much for a little one.  So, let's make some window clings that are kid friendly and fun!
You will need a few items for this project:

Contact Paper
Colored Sharpies
Paint Shirt
Covering for your table like newspaper
Trace-able Halloween Shapes like cookie cutters or images you printed from off line
Decorate-able clings from a craft store

If you are using something from the craft store than this is simple.  Just hand it to the kids and let them do the work.  If you are making your own then start by using a black sharpie to draw or trace your Halloween shapes onto the contact paper.  Do not take the contact paper apart, just draw right on the clear side of the paper.
Make sure to give space between each traced item for cutting out later.  Make as many as you want or your windows will allow.  Now let your black Sharpie dry over night.
The next day start by covering your table in something.  Newspapers magazines, whatever you choose make sure that the entire table is covered.  Now protect the clothes your kids are wearing by covering them with a paint shirt.  Put down the contact paper in front of them with the colored sharpies and let them design and decorate each drawing.  You may need to retrace your outline after they are done decorating.

Once they are done decorate let this dry over night, it may require more drying time if heavily concentrated with color.  After it is dry cut out in block shapes or squares each design.

Find the window you are looking to decorate.  Make sure to clean it well and allow it to dry before applying your contact paper.

Start by pealing a small corner of the contact paper apart.  Place it on the window where you would like it to go and smooth out the opened corner by using a credit card or other firm card. Slowly ease the back of the contact paper off while smoothing with the card your image to the outside of the window.

Keep the back side of the contact paper in a baggy.  When Halloween is over peal off your contact paper and attach the back once more to use again next year.

The kids will get a kick out of seeing their stuff with the sun light shining through it.  See if they can identify the images created on the floor from the sun light shining through their window clings!

You can use this idea for any holiday, but Halloween is my favorite for having window clings! Enjoy!

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