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Monday, October 6, 2014

Gone Batty!

One of the funnest decorations to make is a bat!  There are so many ways you can create bats.  They work anywhere, hanging off the ceiling, paintings, just propped up on something, they are very versatile.
You will need a few items to make this craft:
Black or Grey Felt
Wooden Clothes Pin
Black Paint
Hot Glue
Elmer's Glue or Crafting Glue

Start by cutting the felt into strips.  Use the clothes pin to measure how wide they should be.  You can cut designs into the ends of the "wings" if you want.  Now have the kids decorate the felt in any way they would like.  The kids wanted to use jewels and puffy balls to decorate there's.  I marked on the felt where the clothes pin would go and had them decorate the area's outside of that space.  Set aside to dry when they are done decorating.

Now have them paint the clothes pins black.  You can have them paint them red or orange for something a little different if you would like as well.  Set aside to dry.

Once dried you can tie a string around the neck of the clothes pin so is makes a large loop to hang from.  Now, you can put the felt into the clothes pin. If you want your bat to hang horizontal to the ground then you can attach the end of your loop to the back of the clothes pin opening. Using your hot glue gun you can seal off the end of the clothes pin making sure to seal in the string as well.  If you wish you can draw on a little face or add googly eyes.  Allow this to dry over night.  Now, go hang your bats!  Let everyone know that this Halloween season your house has gone batty!  

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