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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss!


I love to make boxes into something else!  So, when I get a big box the hardest part isn't, where to put it or how to break it down, but what will this become?  Many times, I find myself turning to the most creative sources I know, the kids!  They look at a box and see possibility.  Usually a few idea's instantly come pouring out of their little brains.  Then, I just have to pick which one is the best fit for our box.
 You will need a few materials for this craft:

Large Box or Slab of Cardboard
Zacto Knife
Sharpie Black
Paint of other ways to color
Dried Peas or Beans
Needle and Thread

Start by drawing an outline of your large pumpkin on the cardboard.  You can add the eyes, nose, and mouth to it.  Make sure to include the stem and a leaf or two in your outline.

Now you can either have them decorate it now or you can use your zacto-knife to cut out the outline of the pumpkin.  When decorating the pumpkin make sure to use paints, markers, crayons, and glitter and let the kids go nuts.  After the pumpkin is decorate and the outline has been cut free from the large cardboard slab, cut out the mouth, nose, and eyes.
From the left overs of the slab cut out a large long rectangle piece.  Attach the slab on one end to the top of the pumpkin using the hot glue.  Tape this for extra hold, set aside to dry.

Now take your felt and fold it in half.  Decide how large you want your bean bags to be.  Cut the felt into sections keeping an end folded to cut down on your sewing.

Keeping your felt folded sew two of the open sides shut.  Now flip inside out so the hem is on the inside.

Fill your bag as full as you'd like of the dried peas or beans.  Now stitch the final seam shut.  Continue doing this until you have made all the bean bags that you wish.

Now, have a great time!  Fold the attached Rectangle back so your pumpkin sets up at a slight angle.  Toss away!  For older kids you can assign point values and make a game out of it.

When your not using it for games, set it up as a decoration using the bean bags to keep the back piece in place.

Who said life isn't fun and games obviously never had kids.  This game helps with hand eye coordination, math skills if you are tracking points, taking turns, and creativity.  So, you can help your children expand their minds while having a great time!

Plus, pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decoration, don't you think?

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