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Monday, February 10, 2014

Shipping my love?

Packing tape may seems like it is one-size-fits-all for the person who occasionally packages gifts to send out for the holidays or sells items on auction sites. However, packaging tape for industrial purposes can take on many forms. Depending on the purpose of the tape, companies can get a tape product that will hold their packages and products in place without fail.

Specialty Tapes

Specialty tapes can be produced for businesses who want to pack their packages and leave marketing material on the box. Specially-designed tapes can bear a company's logo and contact information so that the business is being promoted even on the outside of the box. Companies that use designed tape on the inside of the store can can wrap package for customers and leave the tape on the wrapping paper. The tape can also be affixed to shopping bags so that customers always leave the store with a branded bag with all of their merchandise.

There are so many different things out their for Valentine's day.  Plenty of them cater to those with loved ones who will be away for that special Valentines Day surprises and all of them urge you to shop now!  But what if you have made or already bought that perfect surprise and have to ship it yourself?  Just when you think the decisions are over you find yourself holding a box and staring at a wall of tape.  Naturally you want to grab the right one to keep your love reminder safe and inside your box as it journey's to your loved one.  So, how do you decide which is the right tape?  Here are some things to consider when picking the tape that best fits your needs,

Tape Colors

Tapes can come in any color and opacity. While some companies prefer to use translucent tapes, other companies prefer to use a colored tape or a masking tape that is mostly or completely opaque. The use of these tapes can range from packing boxes for shipping to wrapping items as gifts. With each strand of tape, the company can present themselves in a way that is in line with their company image.

Heavy-Duty Tapes

Heavy-duty tapes are used to complete temporary repairs and to wrap and pack items for storage. These especially heavy tapes are perfect for the most heavy industrial products that a company may need to handle or package. Companies that wrap items for international freight shipping must use heavy-duty tape to ensure that the products do not move in transit. Plus, companies that leave items in their warehouse for extended periods of time want to prevent those items from moving while in storage.

With a combination of tapes, every business can present themselves beautifully, give their customers marketing materials on a taped package and ensure that bulky and heavy items are properly held in place for storage or transit. Every business should shop now to line up tapes that will help them to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

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