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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Monster

Need a cool way to store those Valentine's Day Cards?  Why not with a Love Monster who will just love gobbling them up! Just like your little monsters will love making them!  Here is how to make a few card gobbling Love Monsters:
Milk Carton
Cotton Balls
Green Paint
Red Paint
Google Eyes or Jewels
Colored Paper

Start by tracing your kids feet on the color of paper of your choice.    Cut them out and set them aside.

Take the milk cartons and where the bend is near the top cut from side to side leaving a small portion hear the handle about an inch and a half to each side of the handle.  Have the kids paint the milk cartons green.

Have your kids dip there fingers in the paint and create heart shapes from the thumbprints.

They can do as many or few as they want after all it is there love monster.
Using the scraps from the foot prints cut out a small heart.  Glue on the Cotton balls, feet, and use the heart for a tongue.  You can add googly eyes or jewels for the eyes. Allow time to dry.

At the top of the handle cut a heart shape and paint it red.

This is what it looks like from behind.

Now, just add some cards to your Love Monster!

Your love monster is ready to deliver some love from all your friends and family for Valentine's day and your little one will have monster fun making him!

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