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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Authors Endorse National Read Across America Day on March 3, 2014

I am a huge believer in reading to your kids from in the womb until they leave for college.  It is so important to expose our children to the world of words as much as possible!  Not only does it allow for family bonding, but it can help teach different lessons or idea's while helping a child learn grammar skills!  How often do you read to or with your kids?  
How will you be participating in National Read Across America Day?  Check out what some other people are doing and cool tools for your kids:

Chris Kent Phelps and Cindy Kent support the National Education Association's awareness initiative, use storytelling to help shape appropriate 

Dallas, TX -- Feb 25, 2014 / ( -- The National Education Association (NEA) is building a nation of readers through its signature program, Read Across America. Mother-daughter duo Chris Kent Phelps and Cindy Kent, co-authors of Margo's (Max's) Magnificent Choice, are strong supporters of the annual event.

Margo's (Max's) Magnificent Choice is illustrated by Kent and sold exclusively with the Tacky Box Set, which Phelps developed. Phelps is a Dallas mother of two; Kent taught art privately for a number of years and is currently a professional artist. The two bring decades of commitment to student achievement and creativity rooted in the importance of reading.

"Read Across America helps drive home the importance of reading to help teach children about the world around them," Phelps says. "This world isn't always a fairy tale. Often, the best lessons learned are those through easily relatable characters, engaging storyline and memorable illustrations. By encouraging reading at a young age, we are helping our children to become smarter, more worldly and, in the case of Margo's (Max's) Magnificent Choice, more aware of the outcome of both good and poor behavior."

"It is our intention to arm every kindergartner with his or her own Tacky Box Set to use at home. We've partnered with educators to create a curriculum to roll out the concept in schools," Phelps adds. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, students who don't read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave school without a diploma when compared to proficient readers. Additionally, studies show that children learn an average of 4,000 to 12,000 new words each year as a result of book reading. It's important that children be exposed to as much language as possible at an early age, and this begins with reading to children before they are old enough to learn to read.

The Children's Book Review describes Margo's (Max's) Magnificent Choice as a "well-written story that teaches kids about the power of words and the impact of making good choices. When combined with the Tacky Box, the story makes a very effective and hands-on parenting tool and proves that learning about kindness can be very fun."

Now in its 17th year, Read Across America promotes a week of reading across the nation as NEA members gather students, parents and community members together to share their love of reading beginning March 3, 2014.

Tacky Box, the creation of a mother, grandmother and daughter, equips children with skills to choose to be kind rather than repeat tacky words and actions. This educational children's book set designed by Chris Kent Phelps and Cindy Kent is $29.95 and includes an authentic Tacky Box, a 32-page Margo's (or Max's) Magnificent Choice book, and a note pad illustrated with monkeys to use for writing down tacky words. Margo's (or Max's) Magnificent Choice tells the story of Phelps' daughter's experience with the Tacky Box through the eyes of monkeys living in a jungle. Tacky Box Set arms parents with a fun, positive way to help their children distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate language and actions.  The set is available online at

About the Tacky Box Set:The Tacky Box Set is available for purchase at Each set costs $29.95 plus shipping and includes an authenticTacky Box, a 32-page Margo's (or Max's) Magnificent Choice book, and an illustrated notepad for writing down tacky words and actions.

For more information on the Tacky Box Set, go to or on Facebook --, Twitter, YouTube -- or  Pinterest --

About the NEA Foundation:The NEA Foundation, through the unique strength of its partnership with educators, advances student achievement by investing in public education that will prepare each of America's children to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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  1. Hi, my name is Paul Czekaj singer/song writer. My friend Becky Mason who was my Daughters elementary school librarian asked me if I could write a song in celebration of “Read Across America” to share with her students. I wrote an original song called “Reading’s Lot’s of Fun” that features many Dr. Seuss books I remember reading as a child. I’ve been performing the song at the school for the children for the past fifteen years! They really like it a lot. It’s a very upbeat bouncy song. It has been enjoyed so much that I recorded the song and added a fun video to go along with it. Here’s the link to watch it. You can also watch “Reading’s Lot’s of Fun” and all my videos by going to youtube and typing in my name Paul Czekaj. The words to the song are below. I hope you enjoy it and share it with any child who loves to read.

    Paul Czekaj

    Reading’s Lot’s of Fun

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    Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss, I don’t know what story is my favorite one.

    One of the stories that I laugh at, Is the one with the boy and his 500 hats.

    Or that sticky stuff that was a pain in the neck, Poor old Bartholomew and the oobleck. Chorus

    A flower growing out of your head is crazy. But it happened in the story of daisy-Head Mayzie

    Horton told the mayor to make noise until. The kangaroos heard them, so he saved Who-ville. Chorus

    The tongue twisting rhymes by socks in fox, Could never be repeated by old Mr. Knox.

    Horton sat on a egg on tree that bent, Cause an elephant’s faithful, One hundred percent. Chorus

    Thidwick the big hearted moose is the best. Cause a host above all must be nice to his guests.

    For breakfast if you what green eggs and ham.Your gonna have to see a guy named Sam I Am. Chorus

    Don’t know which story eeee…eeeeee Is my fav fav fav fav fav fav favorite one


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