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Monday, October 14, 2013

Disney's Princess and Pirate Excitement!

We went to see Disney's Princess and Pirate show.  It was packed!  There were kids everywhere and they were all excited to see their favorite characters.  Many of the kids, and adults, were dressed up!  My daughter wanted to dress up as Sophia, so I found her a flower-girl dress off ebay to wear.  She loved it!  We did her hair, she got to wear lip-gloss and paint her nails, she got to bring her furry jacket, she got to wear her bracelet and her purple necklace, plus her fancy shoes and she was in total Sophia the First mode!  My son allowed me to put strips on him, but that was the extend of his dress up.
We got there and the kids sat down.  My daughter wanted to sit between my husband and I; my son wanted to sit with his dad.  We were ready for the show to begin and when it did the kids shouted when Mickey and Minnie came on stage!
The show was put together very well.  It was interactive so the kids were focused and reacting to what was going on!  This was probably one of the best put together shows that we have seen with the kids.  They seemed to be more sensitive to the amount of time a small child is willing to spend sitting before they need to be included in something.  The kids danced, spotted needed items, helped call characters to the stage, and used secret words that the shouted to the stage!  This made for a loud but fun event.  The costumes where incredible well done, bringing the characters even more to life for the kids.
I appreciated the dancing skills of the actors.  The choreography was incredible considering this was a kids show.  They demonstrated skills with their restrictive costumes and obstacle on the stage.  I appreciated the energy that was put into the dances themselves.  Even though it was a kids show the dancers obviously took pride in the technique they put into each spin, leap, and pointed toe!
They had a lot of souvenirs to draw your little one's eye and the dollars from your wallet.  My only disappointment was the prices.  For a small playbill you were looking at about $5 with a full brochure going for more like $20.  Don't get me started on the dolls and other knickknack prices.  We had decided to grab some popcorn and while I was happy that there wasn't alcohol being served at this show (many past shows we've been to with the kids sold alcohol and I find it tacky at a kids event) I was upset that popcorn could only be purchased at the souvenir stands.  You could get other things like nacho's and pretzels at the concession stand, but of course we tend to eat popcorn over those items.  So, we got one popcorn, it came with a bucket with Disney Characters on it and was $12.00!
Over all, I highly recommend going to this even when it comes to your area!  The show is well put together.  The kids all seem to be focused and active with the show itself.  The parents can enjoy the joy in their kids and the great dancing skills.  My kids were even in full pirate mode the next day walking around with hooks and eye patches!  They can't wait for the show to come back again, hopefully, next year.  My only recommendation is to bring your own snacks and your dancing shoes!  Total Blast!  This show definitely brought out our Princess and Pirate Pizzazz!

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  1. Wonderful photos and a great experience for the kids!


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