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Monday, October 14, 2013

Arg! It's a treasure map for me!

Pirates are big!  Kids love to run around searching for treasure.  I know mine are fully addicted to Jake and the Neverland Pirates making their favorite letter RRRRRRR!  So, get in the pirate spirit with this fun craft!
You will need a few things for this craft.  WARNING: Their is a parent portion to this craft that is too dangerous to allow children to try.

Coffee grounds or Tea Bags
Black Pen
Lighter or Matches
Kitchen Mitt or Oven Glove
Kid Power

After your morning cup of coffee or tea take the fresh tea leaves or grounds and spread them all over your papers.  Put them with the grounds outside to dry if possible.  Once dry wipe off  the grounds and leaves.
Now, it's time to chart your course.  You have a few options for this step.  You can either make a real map to a "treasure" you have hidden or you can have them create a pretend one to use during imaginative play.  If you make a real map include clues like instead of a skull and cross bones draw a fork and spoon cross with a mug as a clue for the kitchen.  Make sure either way to have the trail lead to a big X!!!

 Now that your map is drawn have the kids crumple and un-crumple it until it is soft and old feeling.

Now it is time for the Parent Step.

Do not allow the kids to do this step!

Remember to do this over a working skin and be careful.

Take out your matches or lighter. With the hand you will be holding your map make sure to wear a kitchen mitt.  Now, slowly burn and blow out the edges of your map.  Go slowly and burn small portions.  Literally, light and blow, light and blow.  After you've done the entire map make sure to dampen the edges with water to make sure the fire is out and they don't re-light up!

Now, roll up your map and tie it with a string or scrap of cloth and if you have one laying around put it in an empty bottle.  Have your little pirates find it after nap or lunch and set them off to find their buried treasure!  Enjoy your Halloween season with some fun crafts and Pirate fun! When your done frame your treasure map to be put on the wall every Halloween as a reminder of your adventures.

You can include discussion on real pirates like Black Beard while you create your maps.  Discuss why pirates became pirates.  How many were pirates when not employed by a government or kingdom is another good topic.  Use this as a learning moment opportunity!  Remember to create memories while giving knowledge every day, you only get these moments once!  

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