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Friday, April 26, 2013

Prince Charming-Pink Pearl Review

Mother's day is coming!  Are you ready?  Why not give her something to remind her of the more fairy-tale aspects of life?  Give her something to remind her she is the queen to your castle!  Let's cut to the chase, everyone loves jewelry!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Sphere of Life's Prince Charming Pink Pearl:  I love pleasant surprise's.  Like when you expect something boring and end up with something creative!  So, when I opened the Sphere of Life box I expected to get a jewelry box, instead I got a silvery sphere.  It was really cool and I can see it throwing off anyone who opened it.  Plus, it makes a great case for carrying jewelry when you travel! 

I love that this necklace comes with a not that fits what the necklace is, and what a great message!  A good Kiss can work wonders!  Every woman wants to be reminded of the fairy tale moments that marriage can bring through love!  Little notes like this are great touches to a mother's day gift! 

I almost missed the little logo on the box.  I love that it is subtle and while still there it won't take away from the gift presentation nor give away what is inside.  I just can't get over how shiny and mirrored the ball looks.  

I opened up the sphere, it was a little tight but I was able to get it apart.  The gift presents beautifully.  The red silk inner-lay of the sphere looks great with the pink pearl inside a small red organza bag.  

The Prince Charming – Pink Pearl  necklace itself is on a silver metal chain.  The small frog has a golden colored crown on his little head and he holds a small pink pearl in his arms and legs!  The perfect gift for any mom or for any daughter!   

You can check out the Sphere of life for yourself at their social media links: 


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