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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cafe Press Product Review!

I am always looking for interesting and fun things for the kids to wear.  Not satisfied by the fashions found in stores I like to look elsewhere for things that usually online.  After all they grow fast, so if I'm going to get them something fun I have to make sure that I guide their fashion sense to be unique and sensible.  I found these fun t shirts online at  
Check out this fun sweatshirt that everyone can enjoy!  It isn't just a cleaver pun but a great way to help your kids remember a figure that will follow them through college, if they take any math classes after high school!  Speaking of going to school, I feel it's never too young to start your little one in on some Alma mater pride!  So, I was very happy to find an adorable pink and gray t-shirt's boasting the mascot of my husbands Alma mater!  I love that they have the mascot as a baby, just like my babies!  You can even order custom shirts to best fit your kids personality or your Alma mater!

Another great bonus I found while looking around Cafe Press is that they had fun t-shirts for sports that you don't always find shirts for, especially toddler shirts.  My husband played a little rugby in college and with a son that likes to headbutt things like tree's at the park a little rugby may be in my little guys future.  So, this shirt seemed perfect for the men in my life!    They had a few other great shirts for some other shirts and almost every topic you could think of wanting or finding interesting.  I was excited and had a hard time deciding just what to order my little one's, which is the main problem with the site.
Now, if only I had some awesome pajama's to wear as my little one's run about in their hilarious shirts to giggle about while I sip my cup of coffee in my coffee mug, I would be all set!

My little guy says, "Umm, My Dad Rucks! What does your dad do?"

Tell me what shirt you'd get for your little one's in a comment below after you check out what CafePress has to offer!

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