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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daddy Scrubs Tie Review

Father's Day is coming up and what a perfect way to let the Dad to be in your life know of their new Daddy status?  Chances are he won't realize what day it is when you present him this little box wrapped up.  It may take a minute to register what this little gift means to him, so have those camera's ready to capture the response to share, one day, with the reason for his excitement.   Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Daddy Scrubs Tie:  Inside this unique box, he will find a great silken tie in red.  A message sure to touch anyone's heart is inside the box making that moment when he opens it extra special.  In small print the tie matches the heart and Daddy on the box, letting everyone know of his Daddy Status.  It isn't gaudy nor does it give off a feeling of  pretentiousness  but simple and a great color to allow it to easily fit into his work attire.  I love that the word Daddy with the heart can take some of the aggressive feeling off the red which is a power color without losing the feeling that respect should be given.   To grab one of your own or check out the other things that Daddy Scrubs has to offer you can check out the links below!

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