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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why you should get a professional cut once and a while

Most of you know through my how to's on Mom Blog Society's YouTube channel that I usually cut and dye my own hair.  This has saved me a ton of money and I've done pretty well at it, but when making a major change I always recommend going into a salon and having them do it.  Use it as an opportunity to treat yourself and go to a professional salon.
I decided to make some major changes to my hair.  I decided to go from Auburn to Blond and get bangs and layers in my hair.  So, I headed to Tony and Guy.  They have specialized stylists, one for color and one for cut.  I like this because if I'm going to pay for my hair to get done, it is going to be done by someone who knows what they are doing and literally focuses their career on that aspect so it is the best possible.

They managed to keep my hair somewhat healthy by doing a partial highlight.  They used the natural method instead of having blunted highlights where you can see the lines of the highlights.  This blended better so you can't even tell that I used to be a red head before the color.  The underside was left to blend it better and make my eyebrows fit with the new color.  I think this also looks more natural since even when the sun naturally lightens hair, usually, the under part of your hair remains untouched by the sun thus it is darker.  I loved the color I got!

My cut was approached with several questions to make sure I wanted the bangs, then we jumped right in.  She measured out an amount to be the bangs and asked if I thought their should be more or less.  Once the bang amount was determined she set to work.  She shaped, layered, framed, and shortened my hair.  I love that it now has some volume from the layers and the bangs are very edgy without looking odd on a mom of toddlers.  They are definitely in style and I love them.  They made sure to ask multiple times if the results I was seeing were what I was wanting, but made sure to take what I wanted and apply it to my face shape.  So, while I will always do my own hair for lasting a cut or color I will also be making regular appointments to go to a professional in order to both treat myself and make sure that my hair is healthy and my look is clean.  So, What do you think of my new bangs?


  1. I love it! Both your hair and color. Plus the bangs make you look so young. Definitely not a mom of toddlers. ;)

    I agree. The same applies for mani & pedi sessions. You can do them all you want (as you save money by doing them yourself) but every once in a while you need to go to a pro to get pampered and do all the little extra stuff we don't know how to do.

  2. Thanks Victoria, it was really scary to make a big change and having someone else do it that knew what they were doing really helped! I agree, sometimes we need to splurge and pamper ourselves for those extra's we aren't able to do ourselves! Thanks for the compliment!


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