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Monday, February 18, 2013

T3 Tactical Device ReviewT3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool Review

 photo P2050074_zpsf2f1afc4.jpg Safety is something us mom's have to think about all the time.  Not just crossing the street and what our kids are eating, but when we are out and about with them.  Let's face it bad things happen and whether its an accident or a bad person coming into our lives at some point we will have to deal with the bad.  That's why I think it's important to protect ourselves and our kids.  I found an awesome product that can help us Mom's do just that!

 photo P2050077_zpsa2e218c0.jpgMommy Moments with Abby review of T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool: This product is great for a mom.  I was very excited when I received it for review.  It comes in it's own neat little pouch which can be put on a belt or slide into your car door pocket or glove compartment.  This way you will have it when you need it.

 photo P2050079_zps71562ed6.jpgFor those days that turn into nights and your trying to find that dropped sippy or pacifier in order to get home after a long day, the LED flashlight on the end is perfect! Plus, a flashlight isn't something you always remember to put in your car and can come in handing in many situations, so having one on this little gadget is great!
 photo P2050080_zps148e435a.jpg
Now, I know we don't want to think about it, but their may come a time when you are in a bad accident.  Getting yourself and your family out of their seat-belts may not be a simple as a push of a button.  If the button mechanism fails or if your kids car seat is strapped in with the seat belt and you can't reach the button having this seat belt cutter can help you get out safely.  

 photo P2050089_zpse1052723.jpgOnce out of the seat belt your next issue may be getting out of the car itself.  What happens if the doors don't open because of the crash?  How do you get out?  This tool has a gadget on the end to help you break out your window.  

 photo P2050083_zps3637e93f.jpgLastly, the thing we don't want to think about.  Protecting yourself or family against a bad guy.  Let's face it, no matter the laws we put in place a criminal is already going to be breaking at least one and probably won't worry about breaking another.  That's why I'm glad this has a knife on it.  A mom protecting her young with this in her hand, may just buy the time she needs to get them inside the car to get away. 

 photo P2050082_zpsd083c1de.jpgThe knife is also great for other issues you may run into like needing to cut a box open or fabric to create a tourniquet if someone gets injured.  Whatever the emergency is I definitely think every mom should have one of these in their car, because no mom wants to be in an emergency without something to help her and her kids. 

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