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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hyland's Feb ReviewHyland's February Review

 photo P2110258_zpsbcb43c09.jpg By now we are all feeling our New Year resolution to treat our body's better and work out!  I know I am!  I have been doing Zumba, Pilates, weights, resistance, and then the fun stuff (hiking, running after kids, the kids yoga, lifting stuff at estate sales, and carrrying around kids).  My muscles are sore and my desk is piling up!  So, to help ease my stress (having taxes finally done should help as well) and my muscles I love being able to look to Hylands for a natural way to ease the pains!

Mommy Moments with Abby's February Hylands Product Review: I was so happy when I received my February box!  It included Arnica Pain Pills, Muscle Therapy Gel (the hubby doesn't know but this is the stuff I use on his big power lifter muscles! Shhh!), Calms Forte, Nerve Tonic, and BioPlasma.

The arnica and muscle gel are a great combo for that 24 hour spot after a work out!  This way I'm not over loading with Acetominaphine, but I'm still easing that ache that can floor the next work out.  To help me sleep so that my mind isn’t running through the next week’s to do list that all mom's go through they sent the Calms Forte which, for me, doesn't have that draggy feeling the next day (seriously I don't have time for that sluggishness in my A.M.).  Then, they sent the Nerve Tonic, thank you for helping me not bite my nails this tax season!  Lastly, to help my body repair from the stress, stretch, pull, push, slam, bump, and strain I put it through the BioPlasma helps my body enhance its cell repair!  This is what I call perfect timing! I highly recommend that you pick up some of these for your busy mommy life and give something back to your body!You can check Hyland's Products at:

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