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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Name the Hyland’s Tooth Fairy

What I love about you guys is that many if not most of you are amazingly creative!  The suggestions and comments on how to make some of the crafts or recipes I offer your own show that and I love it because it keeps my creative juices flowing!  That's why I know one of you will probably win the newest Hyland's Giveaway which starts on the 28th of February!  You get to name Hyland's newest character-the Hyland's Tooth Fairy!

OK, so participating in this Giveaway is easy!  First, get creative and think up an adorable, original, wacky name for the Hyland's Tooth Fairy.  Now, just click on Hyland’s Facebook Page to participate and show off your creative skills!  How cool would it be to say you named a major brands newest character rep?!  While we are thinking of teeth or looking for idea's you can check out for inspiration from their “First Tooth Certificate”, “Teeth Chart” and “I got my first tooth” badges.  So, get thinking, get creating, and get naming! 

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