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Friday, February 22, 2013


So, I'm not sure why, but my kids are huge fans of tmnt.  Please tell me you remember the movies, the shows, and the songs so I don't feel totally old.  That said if my kid's have their way the turtles will be making a comeback at least they have in this family.  

It started when my son was a baby and my husband was giving the kids a bath.  He likes to give them a bath to music and one day put on that Vanilla Ice song, "Go Ninja". Next thing you know my son was bobbing his head to the music and my daughter was creating elabrate dance sequences that only a toddler can make to the song!  Since that day, we have been fans of the green ninja's!  Literally, it got so bad that about a month ago we would wake up to requests to listen to Go Ninja, then while I would make lunch it was turtles mom, after that we would end the day with pleas for either the second TMNT movie or the song again!  So, guess what my kids got for Christmas?  The four pack of all the ninja turtle movies so far!  I think I have now seen this movie so many times that I actually know the conversations in some parts.  I always thought this would happen with a Barney type show or something, but thanks to the music DJing of my hubby I now am a mother of little ninja's who like, you guessed it "PIZZA"!  Now, I hear they have another movie planned!  Well, it is time to become one with the little ninja's jump on their band wagon and be thankful that at least it will give me one more movie to put into the rotation!  So, with that I leave you with, GO NINJA, GO NINJA, GO!  I MADE A FUNNY!

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