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Monday, February 18, 2013

Frosty Frescos Review

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 I love kid crafts!  I'm always looking for inspiration and always trying to find cool crafts for them to try.  As a mom, I'm all for kits that save me time in getting those crafts together. Check out this latest Mommy Moment Review.
 photo 1292013087_zps7ea87d47.jpgMommy Moment's with Abby Review of Frosty Frescos:  The kid came with great water colors, two different sized brushes, water color paper, and salt.  Instructions on how to do this craft were included.  I set the kids down with their water colors and brushes and they got straight to painting.  

 photo 1292013083_zpsf2899cad.jpgI followed the instructions then changed them for different effects.  The effect I liked the most was of the cardboard.  I had the kids paint on the cardboard that was in the kit.  While still wet we added the salt.  The effect was fun and the kids liked the bumpy texture of the picture!  

 photo 1292013100_zps0efcc9c9.jpgFrosty Frescos Craft Kits allow a busy mom to still get artsy with her kids, plus add a little twist to their normal painting style for a lesson on how something they have done a hundred times can suddenly become new again, without mom putting in the time to get everything set up and pulled together since it's all prepped for her!

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