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Monday, February 18, 2013

Minivans, Meltdowns, and Merlot Review

 photo 1292013073_zpsbc76ece1.jpg Mommy's need books too!  I spend a lot of time reading and looking for books for my kids, but us mom's need a book we can read and put down in a second if a mom-ergency occurs.  This is why I review books for adults  Check out my latest book review.

 Mommy Moments with Abby Review of Minivans, Meltdowns, and Merlot: This book is a collection of mom moments that the author Carolyn Coppola and her friends have experienced.  They talk about their struggles as moms, their mom-enemies, and their funny stories.  It can be a huge relieve as a mom to just know there are other mom's who deal with the same struggles, thoughts, and Oh Deal Lord moments that come with being a mom.  There were times I found myself relating to their mom-enemies, then there were time's I was right along with Carolyn and her friends in their moments of hilarity and insanity.
My most relate-able stories were the one of her friend who was having to face a vehicle change.  Granted her friend was 9 months pregnant at the time and I am not, but there is something so finale about owning a mini-van.  I have owned an SUV for years now and love it, but our family has outgrown the Explorer and in the next year or so we will be facing the need for a larger vehicle.  (We have 3 large dogs and 2 toddlers, our seats and back space is full.)  My husband keeps telling me to look at mini-vans and for some irrational reason the thought can bring tears to my eyes.  I just am so attached to my SUV and it's being large in the back for my dogs comfort I'm worried about how they will fit in the minivan.  I could really relate to the minivan story in this book.
The other story I can related to is having hard headed children who love for some reason to headbutt things, and wouldn't you have it my head often is that thing that gets in their headbutting path.  I have often found myself left with bruises from being a mom and the kids hard heads, so I could sympathize with the story about the mom and her hubby trying to get a drink from a bar on date-night  but with her freshly headbutted eye providing a glowing shiner  somehow they couldn't get served.  Ah the things we put up with because we love our kids.
I feel this book is the perfect book for all moms.  It has stories for everyone.  While not all the stories were relate-able to me, they gave me a good feeling that we all have different stories to tell as mom's and while different they bond us.  No matter how together we are in the mornings or how dishevelment we find ourselves when we are running late, we all have stories and moments as mom's where we know we will end up laughing over later, but in those moments we find ourselves surprised and astonished at how kids can turn your life upside down, in ways you never thought possible.
I liked how I could put the book down and still pick it back up to laugh halfway down the page even if it was hours later.  For me, that makes it a mom-friendly read.
I recommend you check out this book:

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